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New Mexico law requires all students be currently immunized or in process before entrance into school and proof will be required at registration.

A record of immunizations for each child or a current, state approved, exemption, must be reported to the school. This data is entered on the permanent school health record. Children may not enroll at Osuna Elementary without current immunization records.


Any special health problems or needs should be brought to the attention of the school nurse or the health assist.

New Mexico State Law requires parents or guardians to provide the school with a current immunization records.  All students enrolling in the Albuquerque Public Schools for the first time; in kindergarten or first grade must have the following immunizations:

  • DTaP
  • MMR
  • Vericella
  • Hepatitis B

In accordance with state law, all students are required to have up-to-date immunizations.  If you have questions regarding the status of your child's health record, please call the school. Students will not be allowed to enter school without current immunizations.

Parents can apply for an objection to immunizations through the New Mexico Department of Health.


Osuna Nursing Services

Osuna Elementary has a Registered Nurse on campus 2-1/2 days a week and a Health Assistant on a daily basis. The Nurse and Health Assistant develop and maintain health records on each individual student. They assist in identifying those students with health needs that interfere with learning and student success. Additionally they serve as health resources for administration, staff, and community members.

General Health Office Rules/Guidelines

APS Sick Day Guidelines:

If your child becomes ill and doesn’t feel well enough to take part in school, as parents or guardians, you should keep your child home until the symptoms improve.  This also can help to prevent the spread of the illness to others at school.  These are some of the examples of when your child should be kept home:

  • Active vomiting
  • Active diarrhea – three or more times in six hours
  • The beginning of an airway infection (cold/cough/runny nose) [This is especially important for those who are unable to manage their own body fluids]
  • Extreme tiredness and/or lack of appetite
  • Fever* with headache, body aches, earache, sore throat
  • Undiagnosed or unknown rash (a rash that has not been seen or treated by a health care provider)
  • Any of the above symptoms with fever or chills
  • Untreated skin conditions
  • If antibiotic treatment is needed, your child should remain home for the first full 24 hours of medication (e.g., if your child has three doses per day ordered, then three doses must be given before the child returns to school)

If any symptoms change, worsen or don’t get better please call your health care provider.

*Your child can return to school when he or she is well enough to take part in school and has had no fever for 24 hours without medication (acetaminophen, Tylenol®, etc.).

When you have questions, please call the school nurse or health care provider for more information.

The school nurse should be informed about any health concern, medical diagnosis or medications a student is taking. Any student who is ill or injured is to be seen in the health office and the nurse or health assistant will coordinate with the parent to determine whether or not the student needs to go home. Students will only be released to a person listed on their emergency card and must be signed out at the front desk or health office. 


School Forms

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Medication Policy

Prescription medications may be administered at school, BUT only with a signed APS Physician’s Order Form.  Over the counter medications require a signed APS Parental Authorization form.  Parents may obtain these forms in the Health Office.  Prescription containers must have a pharmacy label with the name of the drug, strength, dosage, student’s name, and time of administration.  All medications must be kept locked in the Health Office and parents have to pick up remaining medication at the end of the treatment. 


Prescription and over the counter medications can be stored in the health office, both require forms signed by a parent and the students physician. Medication forms can be obtained in the health office at the school or online at www.aps.edu/nursing Select “school forms” and print needed forms.

For more information on:

  • Keeping your student healthy
  • Asthma
  • Sick Day guidelines
  • and more

Please go www.aps.edu/nursing