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Osuna School Procedures and Rules

Before School

  • Breakfast is served daily from 7:35 until 7:50 AM.

  • Students not eating breakfast at school may arrive no earlier than 7:40 AM.

  • Family members will be contacted to pick up students who repeatedly arrive earlier than 7:40 AM.

  • Playground supervision begins at 7:40 AM.

  • Students stay on the playground until the first bell rings at 7:50 AM.

  • Kindergarten parents may wait with their child on the south side of the kindergarten playground until the bell rings at 7:50 AM.

  • Students walk to classrooms after first bell.

  • Classroom doors open at 7:50 AM and school begins promptly at 7:53 bell.

Parking and drop-off

There is a student drop-off area in the south parking lot. Do not park your car in the drop-off area.


  • Walk with teacher to the cafeteria, K – 5.

  • Stand quietly in line.

  • Sit on your bottom.

  • Eat your own food – no trading.

  • Use polite manners.

  • Use inside voices

  • Raise your hand if you need an adult.

  • Stay seated until you are dismissed.

  • Clean your area completely before leaving your table.

  • Walk to the playground.


Breakfast is served at 7:35 AM. Your child may pay for his/her lunch daily, weekly, or monthly, either by cash or check.  You can also register online to prepay your child’s lunch at mylunchmoney.com.  Monthly menus are provided through the Tiger Tales monthly newsletter.  You can also view them online at our webpage.

Hallways and Sidewalks

  • Walk at all times.

  • Keep hands and feet to yourself.  Do not touch walls or student work.

  • Observe two way traffic in the hallways – Be polite stay to the right.

  • Use inside voices.

  • Students are not to be in the hallways before the 7:50 bell rings.

  • Keep off of the landscaping, rocks, grass, etc.


  • Move carefully.

  • Use quiet voices.

  • Look, Listen, and Read.

  • Respect library materials and equipment.


  • Use an inside voice.

  • One person at a time in each stall.

  • Use the toilet or urinal properly.

  • Flush when you are finished.

  • Wash your hands with soap and water.

  • Throw paper towels in to the trashcans.

  • No playing inside the restrooms.

  • Report problems to an adult.


  • Sit on your bottom in ultimate focus.

  • Use an inside voice.

  • Practice good audience behavior.

  • Respond politely to the presenters.

  • Stay seated until an adult dismisses you.

After School

  • School dismisses at 2:00 PM Monday thru Friday

  • Walk quickly to your designated pick-up area.

  • Wait until the wheels have stopped before going to your car.

  • Cross at the designated sidewalks only.

  • DO NOT walk through parking lots without an adult.

  • Students not picked up by 2:15 PM will walked to the office to call family members.

  • APS Police will be called when a student is left after school and the office can not get a hold of a contact person or when a student is repeatedly picked up late.

  • If a student is repeatedly left on campus outside the school day hours, the school will attempt to contact the family to discuss the problem.  If the problem continues and the family cannot be contacted, the student may be considered an abandoned child and the police will be notified.


  • Walk with a quiet voice to all play areas.

  • Hold all equipment until you get to the playground.

  • Return all equipment to the PE ball rack.

  • Snacks may be eaten during morning and afternoon recesses – No suckers or gum allowed.

  • Put all trash in trashcans.

  • No playing on trees, fences, or signs.

  • No throwing rocks, sand, dirt, etc.

  • No hard balls.

  • No climbing on handrails or ramp.

  • No rough play, karate, wrestling, tackling, etc.

  • No personal toys or sports equipment may be brought to school.



  • One person on a swing at a time.

  • Sit on your bottom, hold on to the chains with your hands.

  • Swing back and forth (no twisting or side-to-side).

  • Do not walk between swings or go under swings.

  • Do not climb the poles.

  • Drag your feet to slow down the swing.

  • Do not jump out of a moving swing.


  • Climb up ladder safely.

  • Sit on bottom, feet first.

  • No trains or chase games.

  • Do not walk up the slide or hang from the sides.

  • No tag on any structure.

Jump Ropes

  • Long and short ropes are for jumping only.

  • Jump on the cement or blacktop area only.

  • Return all jump ropes to the rack when finished.


  • One person at a time.

  • Hold on with your hands.

  • No cherry drops or chicken fights.

  • No sitting on top of ladder bars.

  • Do not jump off the top of the bars.

  • Do not tie clothes or jump ropes to the bars.

Tether Balls

  • No swinging on tether balls.

  • No climbing tether ball poles.

  • No kicking the tether balls.

Games (Football, Four Square, Pie Soccer, Basketball)

  • All games are open unless the duty person limits the number of players.

  • Rules of the game must be followed by all players (Osuna Rules).

  • Games must be played on the basketball court, four square areas, or grassy field.

  • Tag games are not allowed near any equipment.

  • Courtesy and good sportsmanship are always expected.


Report any problems to the duty teacher.
Students not following playground rules will be asked to stop and sit-out immediately.
All play stops when the bell rings.
Walk quietly back to class/line up and return all equipment.


All children go out to play at recess.  If a child must remain inside due to health reasons, we must have a note each day to that effect sent to the classroom teacher.  The child will go to Tiger Tune Up for adult supervision.