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Field Trips, Homework, Informed Consent, Lost & Found


A parent must sign a permission slip in order for his/her child to be allowed to participate in a field trip. Permission forms will be sent home a few days in advance of the trip.  Please make sure to return your signed permission slip promptly.  In addition, younger siblings or friends outside of Osuna are not permitted to participate in the field trip.  


Osuna Elementary is committed to helping students develop and achieve their full academic potential.  In addition, our staff believes in helping young students assume a degree of responsibility for their own learning that is to develop a sense of ownership and control over their education. 

Homework is a means of reinforcing standards and skills that are required to be taught.  It is also a way of helping students learn responsibility, become independent and develop positive study habits. Homework is assigned at the discretion of each classroom teacher.  The amount of homework may vary slightly because teachers have different philosophies and approaches to homework.

All students are expected to complete any and all homework assigned by the classroom teacher.  The consequences of missed assignments may include, but are not limited to, loss of recess or other privileges, as determined by the classroom teacher, and will be reflected on student progress reports.

Please understand, time spent on homework is meant to be reasonable, not overwhelming.  Recognize, however, that individual students work at different paces.  Provide your child with an environment conducive to study and concentration, along with a structured daily time frame.  This should result in completion of homework in a reasonable amount of time  If you find that your child is spending excessive time on nightly homework, please speak to your child’s teacher so that the teacher can assist you and your student to determine appropriate intervention.

Children tend to rise to the level of expectations placed upon them by parents and teachers.  If parents and teachers are united in placing a high priority on school studies, then children will develop that same sense of priority.  Here at Osuna one of our goals is to help children learn early in life that they will have to meet the expectations of varying individuals, whether those individuals are teachers, college professors, or future employers.


There may be circumstances when it is necessary to release confidential information regarding a student.  State law requires that any suspicion or evidence of child abuse/neglect, elder abuse, or knowledge of a minor engaging in dangerous or illegal behavior be reported to the appropriate child protection agencies and/or legal authorities.  Furthermore, if a student poses a serious danger to him/herself or is a substantial danger to others, any individual (including school personnel) with knowledge, evidence, or suspicion of said danger, is required by law to intervene.  The intervention may include informing family members, identified victims, and/or proper authorities to provide for the safety of the student and others. 


We recommend that you label your child's backpack, lunch bag, and school supplies so that they can be returned to their rightful owner in the event that the item(s) becomes misplaced.  In addition, articles of clothing, such as jackets and coats, should be labeled on the inside with a permanent marker. The lost and found box is located in the cafeteria.   Feel free to check for lost items as the need arises.  We periodically remind students to look through the box; however, most children do not make the time to do so.  Unclaimed clothing items are donated to the APS Clothing Bank at the end of the school year.