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Expectations for Success for Parents

Parents should support the educational process and emphasize the value of a good education by:

  • ensuring an appropriate study environment exists at home
  • praising the student when appropriate
  • encouraging the student to achieve in school both academically and socially, and helping the student learn from mistakes
  • supporting the goals of the school as carried out by teachers, staff and administrators

Parents should communicate openly with all people involved in the educational process by:

  • taking and working with school officials and teachers in an open manner to answer questions or resolve concerns
  • making time to communicate openly and positively with the student about needs, concerns, new ideas or just laugh together

Parents should participate in school functions and take an active interest in all aspects of school life by:

  • checking homework, signing progress reports, monitoring grades on daily assignments, progress reports and report cards
  • ensuring test preparation and getting assistance for the student when needed
  • attending various student activities

Parents should instill good judgment and provide guidance to make the right choices by:

  • setting clear limits and expectations with realistic consequences
  • working to solve problems and set realistic goals
  • being a good role model