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Expectations for Success for Teachers

Teachers should use a variety of techniques and strategies to meet the needs of all students by:

  • having high expectations and challenging students to learn
  • Integrating study skills, hands-on lessons and real-life experiences into the curriculum so that students can relate to subject matter
  • being available to help students
  • being knowledgeable about the subjects they teach
  • being willing to improve their knowledge and instructional strategies
  • sharing ideas, teaching skills, strategies visiting and observing each other

Teachers should show their accountability and professional commitment by:

  • integrating quality processes to improve teaching and enhance learning
  • being willing to improve their subject mastery
  • being good role models by being punctual, polite, understanding and caring
  • being consistent, accurate and timely with progress reports, test grades and records
  • contacting parents as the need arises on positive issues as well as concerns and attending parent conferences
  • maintaining professional level of confidentially with students, parents, staff and administration

Teachers should create a positive learning environment by:

  • sponsoring or being supportive of athletic events, activities, clubs, plays/concerts, etc.
  • being actively involved in the learning process
  • calling students aside to talk through a problem and calling parents when needed
  • processing a sense of humor/positive attitude
  • being aware of each individual student’s needs and interests
  • treating students with respect
  • being supportive of staff and administration

Teachers should develop a system for student behavior by:

  • establishing class rules and setting consequences for infraction of those rules
  • recognizing students who consistently behave and cooperate
  • establishing management of the classroom so that learning can occur