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Expectations for Success for Students

Students should have a positive attitude and act in a mature responsible manner by:

  • being on time
  • being cooperative, patient, attentive and following directions
  • being respectful and courteous to all
  • turning assignments in on time

Students should put forth their best effort academically by:

  • exhibiting good study habits
  • setting and achieving goals
  • passing required state testing

Students should cooperate with others, make ethical decisions, and get involved in school life by:

  • Resolving conflicts in a non-aggressive manner
  • Exhibiting an understanding of cultural differences and being respectful of each person’s individuality
  • Participating in or attending a variety of school sponsored activities and becoming well-rounded individuals

Students completing the 5th Grade will have learned the academic skills required for middle school:

  • having completed oral and written communication skills
  • being able to read, locate, evaluate and apply information
  • having mathematical skills for career and adult life
  • using technology effectively