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Dress Code

Students are expected to come to school appropriately dressed for school activities.  The school personnel will cooperate with parents to see that students comply with Osuna’s Dress Code.  The following items are guidelines.  It is considered to be against the dress code if the student’s appearance is disruptive to the educational process.



  1. No clothing with shoulder straps that are less than 1½ inches wide. (i.e. spaghetti straps, tank tops, etc)

  2. No undershirts worn as shirts.

  3. No bare midriffs, low cut, or off the shoulder shirts.

  4. No chains on wallets or keys.

  5. Shirts cannot hang below fingertips.

  6. No sagging pants and no underwear showing.

  7. No headwear can be worn in the classroom.  (i.e.  bandanas, baseball hats, hoodies, etc)

  8. No hairstyles that the Administration may consider distracting or disruptive to the educational process (i.e. Mohawk hairstyles, hair extensions, etc.)

  9. No profanity, tobacco, drug, alcohol, or sexual reference on any clothing.

  10.  No gang related clothing

  11.  No see-through clothing

  12.  Dresses and shorts cannot be any shorter than the student’s fingertip length while standing straight with arms down to the side.

  13.   Any other article of clothing or accessories that is deemed distracting to the learning of students by the teacher or administration. 


Any student violating this dress code will be sent to the office and the parent/guardian will be called and asked to bring in a change of clothes.