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Tiger Paws – Positive Behavior Acknowledgement

Tiger Paws provides the opportunity for recognition of student’s positive behavior.

Tiger Paws is a reward and recognition system to reinforce positive behavior.  Tiger Paws are given to children by staff members when they witness students displaying positive behavior.  Students who receive Tiger Paws can enter their Tiger Paw into a drawing which takes place every Friday.  If their Tiger Paw is drawn, they get their name announced on morning announcements, and they are able to pick a prize from our prize box.
These are five basic rules we follow at Osuna Elementary School:

The Tiger Rules:

  1. I will keep my hands, feet, and hurtful comments to myself.

  2. I will respect myself and others.

  3. I will take care of school property and school equipment.

  4. I will keep all toys and sports equipment at home.

  5. I will behave in a way that allows everyone to learn.                                               


Behavior Referrals

Please remind your child that they are expected to follow all directions given by staff members and adult volunteers the first time they are given.  Each child will be expected to behave appropriately at school.  For minor problems students may be sent to Tiger Tune-Up.  Students will have the opportunity to reflect on behavior or complete work.  A child’s age and developmental level will be taken into consideration.

Referrals for unsafe or inappropriate behavior may be issued by any staff member to any student at any time on school grounds or at school sponsored events.


Behavior Referral – Absolutes

Absolutes – Some behaviors are considered absolutes.  These are behaviors that are absolutely not acceptable.  They are:

Bullying Fighting
Destruction of School Property Lack of Cooperation
Disruptive Conduct Vulgarity/Profanity


First Offense –

Person making referral gives to classroom teacher.
Teacher will notify parent or guardian by telephone or e-mail.
Student will attend Tiger Tune-Up sessions for 5 days.
Referral must be signed by the parent/guardian and returned to school.


Second Offense –

Student will be sent to the principal.
Principal will notify parent/guardian.
Principal may request that parent/guardian attend a conference.
Student will attend Tiger Tune-Up for 5 days.  Additional consequences may apply.
Referral must be signed by parent/guardian and returned to school.


Third Offense –

Student will be sent to the principal.
Principal will notify parents/guardians by telephone and request they attend a conference with school personnel.
Principal will issue an appropriate consequence(s) which may include suspension for a minimum of one day.


In cases of severe disruption as determined by the principal or the principal’s designee, the above progression may be bypassed.

The principal will follow the APS Student Behavior Handbook.