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Character Counts, Crossing Guards, Curricular Activities & Deliveries to Classrooms


We at Osuna firmly believe in the district-wide Character Counts Program and strive to make sure the students abide by the six pillars of character, which we feel helps our students become "persons of good character."  The six pillars of Character Counts are:








The City of Albuquerque makes three crossing guards available for the safety of our students.  These guards are here to assist students in crossing Spain, Osuna and Moon.  Children should obey the crossing guards at all times.  It is imperative that children stay on the sidewalk until given the signal to cross by the guard.  Children should leave school promptly at dismissal time so that they can proceed with the help of a crossing guard. Please use the crosswalks with your children so that they’ll use it when you are not with them.


For the last five years our PTA has funded one semester of dance instruction presented by the nationally recognized National Institute of Dance for fifth grade students. The high-energy, freestyle jazz format used, which incorporates a mix of dance and athletics, has inspired, delighted, and motivated our students. At the end of the semester the whole student body is treated to a performance by the fifth grade classes, and then in the evening a performance is put on for parents.

In addition, students are free to join before-and-after school programs such as Girl Scouts and Cub Scouts. Students are also offered an opportunity to participate in City of Albuquerque sponsored before-and-after school activities and tutoring opportunities (if funding is available). Some of the activities that have been offered in the past have included running club, jump rope club, reading/math club, science club, AV Club, chess club, lego club, game club, book club, art club, homework club, and scrabble club. 


Balloons, floral arrangements, and other birthday items cannot be delivered to classrooms during instructional time.  Your child can pickup his/her delivery in the office after school.  Should you like to bring in birthday cupcakes or cookies for the class, please check with your child’s teacher to find out how he/she would like this handled.  In addition, party invitations are not to be distributed to classmates on campus unless the entire class is invited to the event.