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Change of Classroom Policy

Great care is exerted in finding the optimal classroom placement for each child who attends Osuna Elementary. Students are given a minimum of two weeks to adapt to a new classroom environment before any changes in placement will be considered. After two weeks if placement concerns a rise, the following steps will be initiated:

  • The parent/guardian must meet with the present teacher to identify concerns, to establish open communication, and to develop a plan to alleviate or correct any differences. The plan must be implemented for a minimum of two weeks before proceeding to step two. The teacher and parent(s) must explain the plan to the child.

  • After the plan has been implemented for two weeks, all cooperative efforts are exhausted, and the parent continues to have concerns the parent must notify the principal in writing about those concerns. The principal will then arrange a formal conference with the parent, teacher, and counselor to discuss the previous plan and its outcomes, as well as, the continuing concerns. A placement decision will be made at this meeting and a record of the conference kept on file in the office.

  • If a change in placement occurs, the receiving teacher will be the teacher with the lowest pupil/teacher ratio at that time (ESL requirement will always be considered). Individual teacher request will not be taken. An additional meeting will take place between the receiving teacher, the current teacher, parent/guardian, and the principal to review the change.