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Bullying Policy

The Board of Education of the Albuquerque Public Schools is committed to providing a safe, respectful, and fear-free environment for all members of the school community including students, staff, parents, community partners, and visitors.  The Board believes that preventing bullying is important to having a safe, respectful, and fear-free climate which should help students learn, achieve high academic standards, and establish a positive educational environment.  All participants in the Albuquerque Public School District’s educational community should be aware of the Board’s expectation of a safe, respectful, and fear-free school and work environment, and should model this in their own behaviors. The Board directs the Superintendent to establish procedures to implement this policy.


Osuna’s procedures for prevention, reporting, and responding to bullying:

  1. All staff is trained to recognize, respond to, and report bullying incidents according to APS Board Policy J21.

  2. All students K-5 receive anti-violence and bullying prevention lessons from the school counselor throughout the year.

  3. Protocol for handling bullying reports:

    • The staff member receiving the report completes a Bully Report Form and gives it to the school counselor or principal.

    • The counselor or principal conducts an investigation within one to two school days of the incident that will include interviewing the student(s) who reported the bullying, the students(s) accused of bullying and any bystanders if possible.

    • If it is determined that bullying occurred, the student who bullied will be subject to discipline by the principal and coached by the counselor or principal to prevent further bullying behaviors.

    • The student who was subject to the bullying will be coached as necessary by the counselor or principal in assertiveness skills and anti-bullying tactics.

    • Every attempt to resolve the conflict between the students, and to prevent retaliation and further incidents will be made.

    • Follow-up interviews with the students involved will be conducted by the counselor or principal to assess if the situation has been resolved or if further action is needed.