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Attendance Policy


The Federal No Child Left Behind Act requires that states, school districts and  schools be held accountable for ensuring that all students meet high academic standards. On time, daily attendance is a critical component of this educational process. New Mexico law dictates that:

  • Students between the ages of five (5) and eighteen (18) years of age are mandated to attend public school, private school, home school or a state institution.

  • The Albuquerque Public School District reports habitual truants to the Children’s Court Liaison office and to the State of New Mexico.


  • In APS, students are considered truant at five (5) unexcused absences and habitual truants at ten (10) unexcused absences in a year.

  • The parent/guardian must notify the attendance message line each day at  296-4811 option 2 that the student will be absent by 8:30AM.  If you are placing the call after 8:30AM, you must speak directly with the Attendance Clerk at 296-4811 Extension 31900.

  • Absences may be excused for the following reasons, with appropriate documentation:

    • Doctor's appointment

    • Death in the family

    • Religious commitment

    • Illness

    • Family emergency

    • Diagnostic testing

    • School or College visit

  • In the event that the school has not received notification of absence by a parent for three (3) consecutive days, the school must make an attempt to contact the parent/guardian.

  • Excessive excused absences may result in further inquiry from the principal and request for additional documentation.

  • Family vacations are considered unexcused absences, and it is expected that parents will schedule vacations during periods of time when school is not in session.


  • Students are entitled to make up work for all excused absences

  • It is the student’s responsibility to request make-up assignments.

  • Teachers may need 24 hours from the time of the request to compile assignments.

  • The student will have the opportunity to complete the work in a period of time equal to the number of days absent, unless other arrangements have been mutually agreed upon by the student and the teacher. 


  • If a student’s attendance rate drops to 90-94% in a grading period (i.e. 4-9 days for schools on the semester system), the school is responsible for the intervention needed to improve student attendance.

  • A student who falls below a 95% attendance rate may be excluded from extra-curricular activities at the school.

  • If a student’s attendance rate drops below 90% in any grading period, the student and his/her guardian are referred to the Children's Court Liaison, and the student is excluded from extra-curricular activities for the remainder of the grading period.

  • School-related absences are not included when evaluating excessive absences.

  • State law requires a school to withdraw a student after ten (10) consecutive days of absence, or in the case of excessive truancy, for students who fail to return to school after the school district has exhausted its efforts to keep the student in an educational setting.

  • If students are repeatedly left on campus outside of the school day hours, an administrator will attempt to contact the family to discuss the problem.  If the problem continues, the student may be considered abandoned and the police will be notified. Such children may be subject to transportation to a state shelter for abandoned children.


  • 2nd  unexcused absence- district sends out letter to family

  • 4th unexcused absence- school and district send attendance letter to family

  • 5th unexcused absence- Students with 5 or more full day unexcused absences are considered TRUANT by the state of New Mexico. Parent will be called by Osuna.

  • 7th unexcused absence- Mandatory parent conference required. Attendance contract written.

  • 10th unexcused absence- Student is considered a Habitual Truant. School makes a written referral to APS attendance office, which in turn makes a referral to court for prosecution.

Attendance is an essential component of student achievement and responsible behavior. Parents who emphasize and model the importance of regular on-time attendance during the elementary school years set the groundwork for producing future citizens who are dependable and responsible employees.  Each fall every student receives a copy of the Albuquerque Public Schools Student Handbook that includes a detailed description of the district-wide Attendance Policy.  Classroom teachers and school office personnel comply with Federal and State Law and APS Policies and Procedural Guidelines regarding attendance reporting and documentation.


  • Consequences for being tardy will involve students spending time in Tiger Tune-Up.

  • Elementary students whose tardies are considered excessive may be referred to the Children’s Court Liaison.

  • Parent and student must report to the main office to sign-in

  • The office staff will determine if a student’s late arrival is excused or unexcused according to state regulations and APS policies and procedures

  • Student will be sent to class with a Tardy Slip

  • Students that are not signed in the office by an adult will take the pink copy of the Tardy Slip home for the parent

  • Teacher keeps a copy of the Tardy Slip as documentation for the student’s next Progress Report.


Excused Late Arrivals as defined by the APS Attendance Policy include: doctor’s appointment, illness, family emergency, death in family, religious commitment, diagnostic testing, educational school visit. Students will also be excused if a school bus or day care van arrives late. All tardies must be reported in person to the school office by the parent or guardian.

Failure of the parent or guardian to sign in a tardy student, in person, will result in an unexcused tardy regardless of the reason.


Unexcused Late Arrivals (Unexcused tardies)

2nd - 6th. Unexcused Tardy -  Follow sign-in procedure above plus student loses morning recess for each unexcused tardy.


7th Unexcused Tardy-   Follow sign-in procedure above, plus student loses morning recess, plus parent conference with principal and other appropriate school personnel required. Student is referred to Health and Wellness team. An “On-Time contract” is written and signed by parent.

If a student attends Osuna on a transfer, principal will consider returning that  student to their home school.


Over 10 Unexcused Tardies- Follow sign-in procedure above, plus student loses morning recess, plus student is considered to have habitual tardies. Second conference is held with parent. On-Time contract is revisited. Student is referred, for a second time, to the Health and Wellness team for review.


  • Students who are signed out before the end of the instructional day will be recorded as excused or unexcused on the sign-out log based on information provided by the parent or guardian. Written documentation (doctor’s note) may be provided to the office when the student returns to school.

  • The principal will make contact with families who frequently sign students out of school before the end of the day.


Children's Choice provides after school daycare on the Osuna campus. Service may be requested for after school care, or on a drop-in basis. For more information please call 296-2880 or go to www.childrens-choice.org.